About us

The crew behind the show are currently three Polish DJs - Wasyl, dj3500 and Peterhol9, aged 38, 34 and 38.

Music - our point of view

We feel best in progressive trance, house and breaks, as well as some uplifting. But obviously, genres are not all that important. We just try to keep our mixes moody, emotional and involving. Atmosphere is probably the single most important thing. It's not so much about the energetic stuff :) We also go out of our way to bring you great little-known music, trying to prove that there's much more to EDM than meets the eye and the big-name DJs present. Hence the name of the show. But, as they say, talking about music is like dancing about architecture, so you better give a listen.

We keep ruthless attention to perfection in mixing technique. Our tools of the trade are computers. We use:

  • Wasyl - Traktor Scratch, Reloop Mixage mk2
  • dj3500 - Ableton Live, Evolution UC33e
  • Peterhol9 - Traktor or Ableton, Reloop Mixage mk2

Compared with other DJs, our approach may strike you as very analytical. :)

Also in contrast to most of the scene, we have no interest in production. We observe with dismay how recording a few ASOT-playlisted tracks can quickly make you a sought-after DJ, even if you're really no good at it. Conversely, we believe you shouldn't have to produce anything to be able to make an impression with your mixes.

A bit of history

  • We have all been fascinated by electronic music and its diversity since forever and began mixing at a young age. Quickly developing superior skills and high internal standards, we gained some esteem by repeatedly winning the Battle Mix competition on FMT, a Polish EDM board (now evibes.pl).
  • Next came a show on Revolusic.com web radio (now defunct), started by Boban (no longer a member of EP) in August 2006 and promptly joined by dj3500 and Wasyl in January 2007, when we recognized we had the same approach to music.
  • In January 2008, we syndicated the show with the sense.fm radio, which enabled us to receive more exposure and expand our listener base.
  • Shortly after that, the Revolusic.com radio closed down and we became exclusive to sense.fm.
  • In late 2008, we were sorry to see Boban leave the project. Not only was he the founder of the show, but he also immensely helped us craft our style and search for inspirations.
  • In July 2009, we finally got ourselves this webpage. We will try to make as much music available for download as possible.
  • In 2011 we started playing at live events in Poland, mostly psytrance and trance ones, including the yearly Goa Dupa Open Air festival.
  • In March 2013, our show on sense.fm ended.
  • In July 2013, Peterhol9 officially joined our team (having also played very many guestmixes for us over the years) and we became a trio again.
  • Since August 2014 we have been playing at Insomniafm.com. We hope that, with the help of Insomniafm, we will be able to bring our beloved music to many more of you than previously. Stay tuned! :)

Photos from events

See our Facebook profile.

Okay, we also have one right here.

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